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The 40-Day Challenge - by Cara Tracy

“The 40-Day Challenge sounds fun, but I’m not sure it will work with my schedule,” I said to Ronee, the owner of Anahata. “You can do it,” she said.


A few days later I started, and 222 days later I finished.


The challenge involved practicing yoga every day for 40 days—a minimum of five days a week at the studio and the other days on our own. Our home practice needed to include warm ups, a Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation. We were required to check in each day in our private Facebook group and also share our experiences on our own Facebook page.




It was an amazing experience! The challenge helped turn those strangers, who I saw regularly in class, into friends And, while I am great with commitments, the feeling of accomplishment for sticking with something like this was huge. I continued my practice on days I had extended hours at work, days I also went to the gym, while on business trips and even vacation.


The challenge was so rewarding that when the 40 days was over and we were given a chance to continue, I did so without hesitation.




How did I do it? Here are a few secrets to my success:


Plan in advance: Honestly, this is key. Each weekend, I would map out the week ahead—which classes I would attend (and then I’d sign up right then) and which days I’d practice at home. Luckily, my schedule is pretty consistent, but if I did have work commitments or travel, I decided in advance what time I would do my “home” practice and which Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation I would do.


Support at home: Before I signed up, I made sure my husband was going to be okay with later dinners and my extra time at the studio. In return, he got a happier, more peaceful me. I’d say that was a good trade off (and so would he!)




Take full advantage of the opportunity: While I love Kundalini Yoga, it was fun trying Anahata’s other classes such as sound healing, Gentle Meditative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. During my home practice, I enjoyed experimenting with new Kriyas and meditations. As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training student, it gave me great exposure to technologies I could use in my future classes. Lastly, our private Facebook group was ideal for getting to know, supporting and being supported by fellow challengers. And it was a safe place to share—whether it was an unattractive selfie or a challenge I was facing. Inevitably, someone else had faced the same issue.


I’m grateful to Ronee for our conversation before her class that Wednesday night and for the incredibly supportive and beautiful environment she has created at Anahata and look forward to future challenges—both at the studio and in life!


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