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Sarah Christine Graham

Sarah is an intuitive Spiritual Guide and Soul Therapist for women who want to step out of their pain body and live free from her human conditioning. She connects with your heart and soul’s wisdom, listening to the underlying conversation that you are not yet aware of about your life journey so that she can guide you in discovering new parts of yourself while elevating the embodiment of your conscious awareness.

Through her Soul Therapy Programs and modern day shamanic Generational Healing™ sessions, you can heal from emotional pain and trauma, getting to the bottom of core patterning that continues to disrupt the peace of your heart, mind, body and spirit. Many women who come to work with her have suffered from dysfunctional family dynamics as a child that has resulted in unhealed pain in her adult life.

Additionally, Sarah is a Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator, mentoring women who feel passionate about preparing for Motherhood, becoming a conscious Soul Parent and doing valuable healing work before conception to create happy, healthy family dynamics.

She teaches introduction seminars in Sedona and Scottsdale monthly on all of her offerings. To learn more or attend an upcoming interactive workshop, please visit her website at You can also reach her via email at and connect through Facebook and Instagram.

Sarah Christine Graham instructs the following:
  • Heal Your Ancestral Lineage: Generational Healing Live Demo
  • Heal Your Ancestral Lineage: Generational Healing™ Live Demo
    with Sarah Christine Graham
    Every family holds pain, sadness, guilt, shame, and beliefs that don’t support the person you are today. Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed on generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now. Each person holds within their DNA physical and energetic remnants that have been passed down through their genetic lineage. You have certain strengths, abilities, fears, tendencies, issues that you were born with that have been passed down via your generational bloodline. Every ancestor who came before you left their body with unhealed issues—those issues continue to be played out by their next of kin, you, no matter how far down the line. Come learn more and observe a live Generational Healing™, I will be selecting someone in attendance to be apart of the demonstration.
    Cost: $25.00