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Veda Spidle

Veda Spidle was born in Lithuania and at a young age immigrated to the
United States with her family. Since childhood, she has been surrounded by art, yoga, meditation, and spirituality. These influences led her to pursue a B.A. in Interior Design and later, to live abroad to teach English in South Korea, where she met her husband.
Her experience there gave her a foundation for connecting to students, making learning fun, and
expanding her perspective of life.

Upon leaving South Korea, she and her husband moved to Arizona where the
opportunity to blend her love of yoga with her passion for teaching presented itself. With the support of her family, friends, mentors, and students, Veda completed Yoga Teacher Training and is now an E-RYT at the 200-hour level and an RYT at the 500-hour
level with a focus on Anusara® yoga. She continues to expand her knowledge of yoga by constantly attending additional training and workshop classes, most recently she is pursuing another 200-hour training certification in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

Veda enjoys teaching people of all ages and levels of ability. She aspires
to continue sharing her love of yoga, meditation, health, and life with others, and most importantly, hopes to teach people to have self-compassion through yoga.

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Veda Spidle instructs the following:
  • Gentle Yoga
  • If you have never done yoga, are new to the practice, or an experienced yogi, this all level 60 minute therapeutic gentle, meditative, yoga class focuses on the basic elements of posture, alignment, verbiage, and includes breath-work, and crystal sonic sound vibrations. See you on the mat! 

  • Restorative
  • Experience Restorative yoga through breath awareness, gentle movements to relax muscles, and supported poses. All poses can be supported by props with modifications as needed. This practice will encourage the body into deep relaxation and total comfort in order to release tension, cultivate awareness of one's own inner stillness and peace, and elicit your own body's intelligence to aid in the healing process. All levels welcome.

  • Using Mantra to Help Remove Obstacles with Veda Spidle
  • Using Mantra to Help Remove Obstacles: A Specialty Class using the Ganesh Mantra and Sound Healing
    Guided by Veda Spidle
    Cost: Donation Based Event
    What is MANTRA?

    In Sanskrit the words can be broken down as:
    Man (Manas) = To Think/Mind
    Tra = Designates Tools or Instruments/To Set Free
    A Mantra is the instrument of the mind or thought.
    A mantra can be a sound, word, syllable, or phrase that gets repeated for its powerful effects on the mind. These effects are also believed to resonate through the entire human psyche and energy systems.
    This specialty class will begin with a short explanation of the Ganesh Mantra followed by sound healing, chanting the mantra for three rounds of a mala (108 times each round), a short meditation, and end with sound healing.

    There is no prior experience necessary! While not essential, you may bring your mala and favorite mediation cushion if you have them.

    *Registered yoga teachers are eligible for 1.5 CE hours through Yoga Alliance for this class.